Time goes by...
It changes the world and defines the value.
Values ??that are timeless.
It focuses on them
First Ukrainian Watch Factory "Kievan Rus".
This experience and professionalism combined with the
calling boldness, bright and beautiful original dream.
The high art of watchmaking and the search for unseen.
There are special hours.
Glitter splendor.
Reliability through the centuries.
And from the first seconds of her time working for you ...

First Ukrainian Watch Factory "Kievan Rus», EDELWEISS WATCH COMPANY (EWC), Jewelry Company «EDELWEISS» together with other industrial and commercial enterprises are part of the GROUP OF COMPANIES «EDELWEISS».

Today it is possible to note the incredible richness of the Ukrainian market hours. However, the lack of stylish and attractive female models of high quality and medium price range for a long time, it was obvious. Experts of the First Ukrainian Watch Factory "Kievan Rus' and EDELWEISS WATCH COMPANY (EWC) gladly agreed to this problem. For example, in 1998, marking the beginning of the history of Ukrainian watch industry, was born on the first domestic brand EDELWEISS, provide the name of a rare and beautiful flower design exclusive collection of watches, well recognizable thanks to its innovative patented design, the sophistication of emergency clearance.

With the support of EDELWEISS WATCH COMPANY First Ukrainian Watch Factory "Kievan Rus" represents the following brands Ukrainian hours that have been recognized not only at home but also in many countries around the world: EDELWEISS, EDELWEISS Gold and EDELWEISS Silver, EWC, KYIVSKA RUS COLLECTION (KR COLLECTION .)

Equipped with a shining stone thin shell products with extremely accurate Swiss mechanism as the heart, the dials in natural mother of pearl shells from the bottom of the Caribbean Sea, play with all the colors of the rainbow, stylish straps of leather, including exotic stingray leather / Italian fish / reptiles, patented architectural design and a limited amount of production - turning the clock in a work of art and elegant decoration, which is in harmony with both business suit and an evening dress.

Never ceases to amaze fans of the beautiful mysterious sheen of luxury diamonds, sapphires, beautiful, bloody rubies, emeralds, charming, sky blue topaz, amethyst mysterious in combination with mother of pearl dial, perfectly matched the color of precious stones, gold and silver adorn the watch from a jewelry designer collections EDELWEISS Gold and EDELWEISS Silver. The special spirit of modernity in these sensitive and feminine creations made by designer belts genuine leather special treatment, and conservative shades of bright, decorated with buckles of gold / silver and sparkling bracelets from the same precious metal.

Jewellery House «EDELWEISS» presents some exclusive designer collections of jewelry, known under the trade name EDELWEISS: EDELWEISS Gold, EDELWEISS Gold & Diamonds, EDELWEISS Gold FOR YOU, EDELWEISS Silver, EDELWEISS Crazy Enamels, EDELWEISS Starling Magnificence, EDELWEISS Fascinating Classic. These ornaments are made of white and / or pink gold 750. But, to your attention, and offered a collection of 560 samples of gold and silver 925. The patented design of the author and a limited number of production hours, earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry turn them into a work of art. In addition, the specialists Jewellery House «EDELWEISS» All products made quite affordable.

Also, Jewellery House «EDELWEISS» is an exclusive designer collection of steel products and EDELWEISS STEEL fashion jewelry, including of Venetian glass, produced a limited number of branded EDELWEISS BIJOUTERIE.

Other businesses of the Group of companies «EDELWEISS» are a number of brands, including: EDELWEISS PRET-A-PORTER COLLECTION - exclusive collection of designer clothing, which includes the following collections: EDELWEISS FURS & DEVOTION - exclusive designer collection of fur, EDELWEISS SEXY LEATHER - exclusive collection of designer leather goods, EDELWEISS DIAMOND LADY - an exclusive collection of designer gowns, as well as EDELWEISS COLLECTION OF BUSINESS ACCESSORIES - an exclusive collection of designer business accessories and business gifts.

Given the latest fashion trends, based on long experience and high professionalism of the Ukrainian, Swiss, French and Italian experts, we have combined an extraordinary courage, with vivid originality of a beautiful dream in each of our products. For us, it is essential that, by selecting it "their" thing you uncovered, perhaps, another facet of his inner world and felt on top. A limited edition will always provide a unique style and freshness of your image.

Almost all the collections are designed for beautiful women, successful and stylish, bright and charming, who love life, live with a smile and make the world they move in the right direction. They will find themselves not only luxurious decorations of white and pink gold, studded with diamonds, and designer items made of silver with zirconium, coated with rhodium, which are not inferior to the latter view. Will leave no one indifferent exclusive designer collection of watches with Swiss mechanisms and rhinestones from Swarovski, as well as automatic collection "skeletons", decorated with diamonds or zirconium.

Of course men and we could not ignore: they offered a number of collections of multi-functional watches with Swiss mechanisms, as well as many other mechanical and quartz models that meet the latest trends in fashion world. We hope that members will enjoy a strong half of our exclusive jewelery made of steel, modern business accessories and business gifts.

At very high quality products, manufactured in limited quantities, we try to maintain reasonable prices and a wide range of products. We think that's why our brands are recognized around the world, including Europe and America.

By visiting the best shops, specializing in watches and jewelry, as well as exclusive gifts, jewelery and prestigious designer stores, you will certainly stop the enchanted view of the beautiful and truly unique watches and jewelry that can conquer your hand and heart. After all, EDELWEISS - a symbol of true and everlasting love.