Production watch with individual symbols

Dear our Friends and Partners

Let me offer you an interesting option to solve the problem of corporate gifts and awards. It is believed that the clock - constant attribute to distinguish the most memorable gift. Especially when they placed a commemorative inscription. These hours will be indispensable during the celebration of important events, especially anniversaries, will help mark the best workers in the framework of corporate events and other activities, as well as to appreciate the contribution of partners and customers ...

In addition, a clock with a corporate logo, no doubt, are part of your corporate culture and to decorate the walls of offices, workplaces and hands of your employees. Among other things, watch how the advertisement there is no equal. According to studies, a man turns his gaze on the watch, on average, 50 times a day. Thus, the symbols on the dial, postponed, even on a subconscious level, creating loyalty to your organization / company.

We are glad to inform you that the individual activity of the First Ukrainian Watch Factory "Kievan Rus" is the production of watches with the corporate logo of the Customer or any image / inscription on the face / back of your individual order. The mechanical and quartz, including with semi-precious stones, with transparent lids, covered with gold, silver, nickel silver, nitrite, titanium, chromium, titanium, and in the plastic housing, water and shock resistant, self-winding, chronograph, pendulum, and the prestigious wooden, metal and natural stone set hours. The range is more than 10 hours of 000 items at any price category, as follows:

  • wrist
  • desktop
  • wall
  • pocket
  • exclusive
  • watch any shape, size and design of the customer on an individual project
  • facade and clock tower, and other external structures.

First Ukrainian Watch Factory "Kievan Rus" is the only in Ukraine, winner of the national patent for the manufacture of watches with a corporate logo (patented technology). Thus, other companies to carry out these activities must receive a license, or similar actions are pursued in the manner provided by law.

The application of image produced on the dial (including many exclusive methods), body, glass, mechanism, belt buckle, case, pouch case. Deadline on the corporate clock is 2 hours. Perform any of the party. All watches are tested and tested, are provided with passports / certificates of guarantee (guarantee period of 2 to 5 years), post-warranty and service lifetime.

Thank you for your interest and look forward to fruitful cooperation.