Dear Sirs!

Let me warmly welcome you and thank for the interest to exclusive collections of watches, jewelry and accessories created by our designers for you.

Given recent trends in world fashion, drawing on long experience and high professionalism of Ukrainian, Swiss, French and Italian specialists we combine extraordinary courage, brilliant originality of the most beautiful dream in any of our products. We are extremely important for choosing the most "their" thing you discovered, perhaps, another facet of his inner world and felt on top. A limited release will always provide a unique style and freshness of your image.

Almost all the collections are designed for beautiful women, successful and stylish, bright and charming, who love life, live with a smile and forced the world to move in the right direction to them. They will find themselves not only luxurious decorations of white and rose gold, covered with diamonds, but also design products made of silver with zirconium, rhodium coated, do not come at the last appearance. No one will satisfy exclusive designer collection of watches with Swiss mechanisms and rhinestones from Swarovski, and automatic collection "Skeleton", decorated with diamonds or zirconium. We also offer exclusive products from fur, leather, designer collection apparel and fashion accessories.

Of course, men and we could not avoid attention: for they offered several collections of multi watch with Swiss mechanisms, as well as many other mechanical and quartz models that meet the latest trends in world fashion. We hope that the strong half and enjoy exclusive jewelry, steel, modern business accessories and business gifts.

At very high quality products produced in limited quantities, we try to keep prices low and wide range. That's why our brands have been recognized in many countries, including Europe and America.

We will be glad if you will become not only our client but also a partner.

Welcome to cooperation dealers, distributors in some regions, as well as those wishing to open branded stores in EDELWEISS franchise based in Ukraine and any other country. We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

We hope for fruitful and mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation.

Team Group of Companies "Edelweiss"


Franchising - a form of long-term commercial cooperation of enterprises in which the company - Franchisor sends the right to sell their products or services enterprise-Franchise together with the right to use their brand and company design, know-how, reputation, marketing technologies. Franchisor will organize training and oversees the Franchise. Franchisee owns a company invests in its creation and development, is selling products or services in the manner and for the reasons set franchisor, paying usually help the latter.

Franchising is widespread in the 50's. Already by 2000 the U.S. alone this form of preferential business used the more than 600 000 companies and share markets through franchising system was about 42% of total U.S. retail sales. In the Russian market franchise is used very actively. In recent years, he also becomes widespread in Ukraine. Everybody knows these successful franchise companies such as McDonalds, Xerox, and others.

Worldwide experience has demonstrated that franchise - the best opportunity to organize a business for everyone: from successful businessman to the small entrepreneur, businessman, beginner and even for someone who never engaged in business.

In deciding to join the franchise system a potential partner must take into account the following:

A. Franchise required initial capital to finance the cost of a shop (in accordance with brand standards franchisor) and purchase

2. Franchising provides a specific limitation of the Franchise, particularly in the area of ??product policy, design, interiors, advertising, methods of business, etc. and full compliance with corporate standards franchisor

3. The contract for a period of not less than three years ago and Franchise quite hard to stop without significant material costs that have been made on his part.


Group "Edelweiss" offers the potential franchise partners in an interesting and very profitable business. Prospective Franchisee offer comprehensive business system that combines the technology of a company store with some services and advanced technology customer service, enhanced organizational and information support.

Advantages of franchising EDELWEISS:

Can be the first and ONLY. As soon began opening branded stores EDELWEISS, our potential partners have a unique opportunity to become the first in the region and "remove cream" and also to gain perspective exclusive brand representation within a specific region.

High efficiency operation of corporate interior

Model Franchise EDELWEISS, based on international experience and best foreign technologies fully adoptovano the Ukrainian market and Ukrainian mentality of consumers.

The minimum possible involvement of equity

Whereas yekonomichnu situation in the country, and the fact that now opened the first designer showrooms EDELWEISS potential partners are guaranteed:

- No entrance fees (unlike most of the franchised networks)

- Free of the overwhelming share of services in opening of the salon and consultations

- Automatic transfer the positive image and reputation of the franchisor

- Advertising support brands at the national level, while the Franchisee shall only advertise his salon in the local limits

- Save "to scale" - the order of trade and exhibition equipment, printing, etc., along with other salons network

- More real and rapid credit and other financial services by working with products known brand

Restriction of competition

Since Edelweiss - a rare flower, and EDELWEISS - exclusive designer jewelry collection, released a limited number, in terms of the franchisor outside the organization many branded stores. EDELWEISS Shops will open only in certain regions, also in limited quantities.

Roll, fame and public recognition of the brand EDELWEISS.

Exclusive designer collection of jewelery EDELWEISS recognized as the best domestic product, exactly as the exclusive designer collection of watches EDELWEISS, EWS, KYIVSKA RUS COLLECTION, presented the First Ukrainian Watch Factory "Kievan Rus". In retail outlets that sell brand EDELWEISS, it is one of the first places in terms of sales. Jewelry and watches EDELWEISS conquer consumers not only for its unsurpassed innovative design, a limited release and high quality but very democratic price policy. That is why products under the brand name EDELWEISS successfully sold in many countries

Therefore, Partner shall be entitled to use the well-known, popular and respected brands EDELWEISS, EWS, KYIVSKA RUS COLLECTION, as well as all trademark and corporate attributes, making it the salon brand and an integral of the whole network EDELWEISS.

Attractive business scope

Jewelry and Watch business was, is and will remain one of the most prestigious and profitable. In addition, trademark EDELWEISS is the most promising segment in which the products superior design, limit output and quality offered in the middle price range.

Permanent assistance and training

Provision of special materials for efficient and effective learning management and sales staff. Support for businesses at all stages of existence.

Franchise package

Granting the right to use known, having a positive brand image EDELWEISS, EWS, KYIVSKA RUS COLLECTION, which advertised at the national and international markets.

Transmission Partner of the full set of materials technology and business management.

Assisting in the development of corporate design project interior EDELWEISS-specific partner.

Help in the equipment of commercial premises.

Continuous provision of new advertising models and other materials, help them adapt to the specific partner.

Providing special benefits when purchasing products.

Providing advertising and informational material.

Participation branded showrooms and sales staff salons in various activities, contests and competitions. Joint actions and measures to stimulate sales in the region partner.

Permanent advisory and methodological assistance and staff training.

Advertising support brands and branded stores at the national level (indicating the coordinates of branded salons).


A. Terms of the sale of goods partner

Financial terms of cooperation with a partner by the conditions of the Treaty and relevant experience of working with him.

A. The franchisee receives the award for permanent collections and quarterly order to replenish the right to use the trade name and trademarks. Each order is calculated according to the area of ??the store, planned sales volume and other factors

Two. Orders must be paid for at the rate of 30% of the total purchase price, and paid in the future, according to accounts provided (unless the parties agree to other conditions)

Partner guaranteed:

A. Full implementation of the order for the supply of goods

Two. Reservation of the most popular items

Three. Stable attractive margins

4. Flexible pricing

Five. Real-time information and consulting support

6. Other advantages of


A. GREAT DESIRE to start a business with EDELWEISS and its ability to successfully implement this project

Two. The presence of the Applicant's own or rented for a long period of commercial premises and their location (in the center of the city, other promising areas)

Three. Observance of financial discipline, and other requirements of the Treaty

4. Providing the necessary trade

Five. Availability of working capital

6. Prospects and the attractiveness of the region in terms of sales outlet location

7. Personal qualities of the Applicant (other than managerial skills, expertise, experience, honesty, loyalty to the brand, initiative, enthusiasm, high efficiency, etc.)


A. Location in a prestigious location. This refers to the city center or other promising areas of the city (popular shopping and entertainment centers with the influx of buyers, VIP areas, etc.)

Two. External and internal decoration interior (including trade and other equipment, lights, etc.) must be made strictly according to the concept of the brand. The design project must be consistent with the brand owners

Three. The required area of ??the salon brand is from 10 m2 to 50 m2, depending on the types:

A type of corporate showroom with service-class

Type 2 brand showroom

3 type of chain store

4 type of corporate showroom hours

5 type of chain store hours