- National manufacturer of watches, Member of the Union of Ukrainian watch industry - suppliers of goods and services for state needs

- The only company which is the patent for making watches with individual picture on the dial

- Multiple winner of the Ukrainian competition-exhibition "BEST DOMESTIC PRODUCT OF THE YEAR"

- "The best domestic product"

- Lord of the Ukrainian prize "People Shani" of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Honorary Diploma of thanks to the Prime Minister of Ukraine

- Multiple winner of the Ukrainian competition "The best agencies in the government procurement"

- "The best supplier of products on the market of public procurement"

- "Discovery of the year in the government procurement"

- Lord of the Diploma "For a wide range of products and services"

- Lord of the Diploma of "100 largest advertisers of Ukraine" for the high quality promotional products and services and the Recommended Partner

- Lord of the Diploma of the Prime Minister of Ukraine for his significant contribution to business development in Ukraine and other awards.


FIRST UKRAINIAN WATCH COMPANY "Kievan Rus" is a Group of Companies "Edelweiss" (founded 1995). The main objective of the enterprise is to meet the needs of the population of Ukraine in the quality of modern design clocks domestic production and implementation of corporate jobs, mostly at the state level, the "Award" and souvenir watches.


A separate line of FIRST UKRAINIAN WATCH FACTORY "Kievan Rus" - of corporate orders for watches with logo or any other image / inscription on the dial and the back cover of the clock.


The range is over 10 000 items clocks, desktop, wall, pocket watches (mechanical / quartz, men / women / universal / children), including exclusive models with semi-precious stones, covered with gold, silver, nickel, nitrite, titanium, chromium in titanium housing, water and udarozahysni, calendar, auto winding and chronograph, as well as prestigious wooden and metal sets the clock. These products are equipped with mechanisms leading manufacturers, including Switzerland, Russia and Japan. The company is able to manufacture exclusive watches any form of custom, including natural stones, wood, colored glass or other material. Drawing of the image can be performed on the dial, case, glass, machinery, belt buckle, Case, Pouch case. Can be made laser engraved case and case back the clock. In addition, the company offers a unique method of making dial (first in the world market!): Facts and pictures on the dial with cast metal, covered with gold and enamels. Watches are equipped with straps, bracelets and gift cases of various shapes (wide variety and range of colors).



- Individual approach to each order;

- Business gifts of any class and any taste, thanks to a wide range of products in different price categories;

- Order execution quality and operational on their own modern equipment for modern technology;

- Manufacture of any party products ranging from one copy to hundreds of thousands of units;

- The prices of producer and flexible price policy;

- A creative approach to the implementation of any ideas and implementing them in our professional designers

- Permanent exhibition of specimens and the possibility of presentations in the office of the customer;

- Warranty on watches from 1 to 5 years warranty and after-care;

- Free delivery of products throughout Ukraine.


Products and services company for nearly 10 years using the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Supreme Court of Ukraine, Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, General Prosecutor of Ukraine, State Customs Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and other ministries, the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine, State Property Fund of Ukraine, Kyiv City State Administration and other state administration of Kyiv and Ukraine, the leading commercial, financial and sports organizations, known institutions, political parties, etc..